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Oklahoma State University

Design Studio: The Integrative Experience

The first two design studios introduce students to the basic principles of design and design communication. Design studios starting in the spring semester of the second year through the third year curriculum focus on increasingly larger and more complex projects, emphasizing creative problem-solving, relationship to context, sustainability, and systems and materials integration. Computers are fully integrated as a design tool and a design-build project promotes understanding of design, materials, and construction through a hands-on experience. An overnight field trip to a regional city allows students to experience architecture firsthand.  Design studios in the fourth year focus on the integration of architecture and building systems and the final fifth year design studio focuses on architecture in urban environments.

All design studios in the curriculum are team-taught, introducing students each year to various diverse design methodologies. Parallel to the design studios, students take sequences of courses in the history/theory of architecture, building systems, structural systems, computer applications, and business and management. Architecture students have a significant number of elective courses to broaden their education and architectural engineering students take a number of engineering science courses.